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Steady as We Go

The path we’re taking is clear, but will need some negotiating.

Goal:create vibrant local history site for Agnes Water area

  1. have 4 stages completed by 2020


  1. create as the home of the local cultural  history project
  2. create Studio Agnes as the 2017 home page
  3. create as the home of the Collectable Card set project
  4. Get some grant funding for the Collectable Card set – showcase artists, musicians and performers – RADF with support of GRC and GRAGM

THE PROJECT … short version

showcase the cultural history of the Agnes Water region, through distribution of a unique set of collectable cards  

  • Ideally, this will be Stage One of what is planned as a 4 year project, culminating with the project being a part of the 2020 Captain Cook Festival.

The TO DO List

  1. plan and create advertising and marketing objects
  2. contact the Observer, The Rag, local radio and TV stations
  3. talk to business’ and organizations about distributing card sets
  4. be ready for the Qld   September school holidays

Easy As!

Studio Agnes PUzzle
Studio Agnes Collector Cards


The activities are planned as a community celebration of our ‘artistic side’ – in game based activities.


But There 

“History is the ship carrying living memories to the future.”

~ Stephen Spender