Artists are an essential part of living communities? Yes/No?

Eventually we’ll have guest artist bloggers sharing their passions, and their stories. If you’d like to submit an article, contact us, we’ll send you more info.

Today, a simple, but not simplistic question.

Does society need the arts and artists?
Read these three different opinions.

What colour do you see as you read ‘nonsense’?

Is there a hierarchy that shows the skill level/quality and importance of the different fields? How can you compare digital art and acrylic painting?

OK, there’s a few questions here. We grappled with them, and then chose Q1 as the topic for this post.

“Ephemera. It’s all just ephemera. There’s so much of it – most of it doesn’t register – ostensibly, they’re distractions for the few by the many.” A statement by someone who prefers to remain anonymous. Studio Agnes artist blogger on the job

“Labels abound so assumptions and decisions can seem like truths. You’re in. It’s out. ” An almost direct from someone I met many years ago.

Last one, it’s a goodie

“Mess and chaos are acceptable, but only trained artists know how to do it right.” Unknown artist, I wrote it down in my diary but forgot to add the details.

What do others say?

If you add 1 Phil Hansen, 1  Alan de Button, and 1 TED Talk  to your surfing pleasure you’ll find some interesting ideas, comments and challenges.  Most Probably!

For Phil Hansen click here : What is Art

For Alan de Button click here : What is art for? Alain de Botton’s animated guide | Art and design

For a TED Talk click here : Why Art is Important

And for one last YouTube link we have “Why Art Matters” Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)

Where do you sit? Share your thoughts.

Send us the link to your YouTube channel or video.

Write some performance poetry to explain your ideas.

Or, sing us a song!

We’re looking for information about artists

Not any artist mind you. The artists we are looking for must have a link – current or past; direct or indirect – link to the Discovery Coast area of Queensland, Australia. The area covers Agnes Water, 1770, Town of Seventeen Seventy, Captain Creek, Round Hill, Baffle Creek, Deepwater and any areas in between.

Have some info? Click here, complete a short questionnaire and we’ll add those names to our database. After, they are verified of course.

Or, are you just an interested visitor? Check out our beginnings here.


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