Obstacles to Overcome but I’m Up for It

I am not wrong, but I can’t do it alone.

Some may remember a few years ago, Robert and I were trying to set-up a small art gallery in town. That didn’t work out – we just couldn’t get all our ducks to line up!

We’ve had other ideas, and even got to the planning stage in some, but …

Perhaps the time is finally right.

What I Want to do

Celebrate … Share … Record … the people and artwork of the Discovery Coast  region so others can feel and relish the beauty, the odd, the unique, the ethereal and the mundane of  our place.

The Big Picture

1. research artists who have, or still do, live in the Discovery Coast region of Queensland; that area linked to James Cook and Joseph Bank’s landing place – more often now, known as The Birthplace of Queensland.

2. involve the community in gathering and celebrating the artistic nature of  the region.

3. Awareness Project: collect, collate, and share on Social Media, on the web and around town the stories and images discovered.

Some Small Steps

Stage 1 Step 1 : COLLECT

Hence the survey asking for your help to uncover artistsFill in our SurveyIt is short (8 questions) and simple to complete. Your help will
make a huge difference to the project.

Start the Survey Here.





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